I dream of a world in which women across the globe embrace their strength, authenticity, creativity, and courage without hesitation. By working together, we can raise the collective consciousness and make the world a better place.

Are you Ready?

I’m thrilled that you’ve found me as part of your spiritual journey. The universe has brought you here, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Spiritual leaders, healers, and coaches often appear to live a life of perfection, but they are just showing off their highlights reels. That’s not real life.

In truth, we are all spiritual beings living a human existence. It’s messy. It’s often painful.

I wasn’t always this happy and fulfilled. Actually, for years, I suffered from major depression and anxiety. I share my story to help other women understand the power that lies within each of us.

I never wanted to become a mom because I felt too broken to raise a child.

I suffered from anxiety and depression from a very young age. Fortunately, my tenacity and will was stronger than the mental illness. As an INFJ HSP (highly sensitive person), I felt a great deal of emptiness, loneliness, and abandonment growing up.

For many years, I decided I would remain childless, frankly because I was terrified of failing my child. Deep down, I knew, I never wanted my child to feel like I did growing up. Fortunately, I was able to find peace within my heart and began living authentically and everything changed.

Breakdown to Breakthrough. Despair and my dark night of the soul.

As a child, I grew up believing that life was full of only pain and suffering.Starting in middle school, I had intense panic attacks and suffered from major depression (as a child!). I came from a family that didn’t understand healthy relationships or nurturing. I was set on a path for self-destruction and I didn’t know any better.

As a young adult, I really thought things couldn’t get any worse, but they did. My best friend died at 22 years old and then less than two years later my fiancé died at 23 years old.

My life spiraled, I began to drink heavily which led to a year of erratic behavior. I felt broken and convinced myself that I was a tortured soul but deep down there was always a sense of longing for more.

Coming Back from Despair. Learning not only to survive but how to thrive.

I’ve been on this spiritual journey of personal growth for over 15 years. I’ve struggled and stumbled and that’s why I’m here because I don’t want others to do the same.

It’s my life purpose to help other women become the mothers they want to be and still have successful fulfilling careers. It took me years to understand all of this and now I’m putting it together in one place for you. These are the lessons that guided me on my journey combined with my professional training.

Living My Dream. DIGITAL NOMAD. Travel full-time. working remote. quit Fortune 25 career, MOVED TO HAWAII. BUILT SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS....

In my career, I’ve accomplished things I never knew would be possible as a kid. I let go of the limiting beliefs that stood in my way. I’ve owned my own marketing consulting agency, worked for a Fortune 25 company, and took a technology start-up to multi-million dollars in revenue.   In 2019, I started traveling the country with my daughter & husband in our 36-foot travel trailer.

I get to work wherever I want (as long as I have internet) and see the beauty of the world. My daughter is learning through experiences that I had once only dreamed about. My life is proof that this system works. Your dreams and life are only bound by the limits of your imagination. I’m thrilled to have you on this journey along with me. Together, we will raise the frequency of the world, one little human at a time, by becoming the very best versions of ourselves.

A Year of Adventure

A trip across the US

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