Do you feel like something is missing?

Dream of advancing your career and still being a present mother?

Have you been on an emotional roller-coaster as you crave more time with your child and want to work but feeling GUILTY for working.

Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward in your career?

You thought you always knew what you wanted in your career & life but now you are questioning it all. You want out of this rut.

Are you craving more meaning and fulfillment in your work?

Perhaps, you’re confused by your desire to stay home with your children because you NEVER imagined you would be that mom.

Learn the Strategies for having a successful dream career without sacrificing your family.

If you are anything like me you are incredibly ambitious, motivated and driven and always looking for ways to be your best self.

I’m Kristina. Working mom. Passion-driven entrepreneur. Corporate 50 Drop-Out. Suicide attempt survivor. Mental health advocate. Dreamchaser.
I’ve made it my life mission to help mothers like YOU live your very best life by giving you the tools, guidance, and proven strategies to CREATE CAREER FREEDOM so you can embrace a HAPPIER and more FULFILLING LIFE with your family.
I spent years climbing the corporate ladder and placed a great deal of pride on my success. When I was pregnant, I never dreamed I’d want to stay at home… As soon as she arrived, MY WORLD CHANGED in ways I never dreamed possible. I immediately began to re-think my career. I loved my work but I didn’t want to spend 80 hours a week away from my daughter, she deserved better. Since then, I’ve been BUILDING A LIFE dedicated to giving her the best life possible and still fulfilling my own dreams. Now I teach other women to do the same.

Find freedom in your career and give your kids the childhood they deserve.

Do you feel like your goals have changed but you’re still passionate about having a career that is meaningful? You feel pulled in so many different directions between work and home life and you want to find clarity?

You're Here for a Reason, It's time for a change.

Listen to your inner voice.

You can make your DREAM CAREER a reality and be a GREAT MOM. It’s time to stop the internal struggle between work and home life.

Ready for CLARITY on your options? Do you want the FREEDOM to follow your heart? Do you have AMBITIOUS DREAMS that feel like they are on hold?

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